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Find the Perfect Study Partner


Just in time for the start of the school year, we have stocked our store with beautiful NEW quilts! Find your study partner www.anchalproject.org/shop/quilts


How to Make Your Travels Even Smoother


Anchal celebrates our quilts and their unique ability to adapt for many different situations. As the summer comes to an end, we have heard wonderful stories about Anchal quilts becoming the perfect travel companion. Heather shares;

“I just wanted to tell you about using the quilt as a travel blanket – it rolls up fairly small, it is long enough to cover your whole body, it doesn’t weigh much and it is like taking a ‘blankie’ with you. I use it rolled up as a neck pillow in a hotel, or an extra light blanket if I am cold. When I am flying and want to sleep, I just snuggle up under it, put my ear-plugs in and my eye-mask on and boom…… I am already dreaming. It is such a versatile thing – I have used mine for picnics too. It is such a valuable part of my travel, I think I would be lost without it.”

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