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A Big Thank You to Patrick Pfister


As we near the launch of Anchal’s first scarf line, we have come to realize that we can no longer photograph all of the products on our own. This is where Patrick Pfister comes in! He has graciously offered to help us photograph our new line.

“Patrick began as a photographer for The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky and never looked back. Since, he has built an illustrious career as both an editorial and commercial photographer.

Patrick has been published in some of our nation’s most recognized publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Life Pictures of the Year and photographed a variety of public figures including Mother Teresa and Ronald Reagan.”

This past thursday we had our first professional photo shoot! It is super exciting to have an amazing photographer share his talent with us. His work will be featured along with the debut of our new webstore!

To learn more about our dear partner visit his site here


Have You Heard What’s Coming?


While working last night on good old inventory, I realized that many of you all have yet to get a glimpse of our fall scarf line! If you haven’t heard yet, Anchal will be launching an incredible collection of one of a kind scarves, both straight and circle. The beautiful Kantha stitch holds 5 layers of saris together, creating a warm but light feel. The coolest part, is that each side is a different print, meaning each scarf is double the fun. So take a look at some of the amazing work we’ve received so far! Oh and please hold the applause, my modeling skills are incredible I know : )

Now wipe that drool off your face and stay focused. The scarves will go on sale in September and are paired with an incredible campaign that you won’t be able to pass up. So stay tuned for more campaign updates and product sneak peeks.