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Inspired by Sara’s letter


What does it mean to write a letter to someone you’ve never met? How do you find the words, and what is there to say?

In the case of Sara, an anonymous letter writer, it seems she put pen to paper with the deep understanding that people everywhere share certain needs and desires; that we American girls aren’t so different from the Anchal artisans and that encouragement and support are fundamental gifts we all can give. But more than that, Sara sees the beautiful story of victory in the textiles produced by the women of Anchal, so in addition to encouragement, she gives praise for their wonderful expressions of hope.

Read on to discover Sara’s fabulous letter, and click here to see her blog post.

“Life is a beautiful gift. Our most cherished and lasting memories are stitched together with the murky moments, making a quilt of our past that we must display proudly–it shows how far we’ve come and how much strength we have in us to keep going. When we look back on the collection of events that make up our timeline, we should be able to count the blessings and be grateful for the challenges, be
grateful for the lessons we have received to carry with us, of the stories that we have to tell. Your story is an incredible one–it should be sewn into every square of the quilts you create so that someone will come to revel in it, so that it will spread into the world as a glorious victory. To me, your story is inspiring and I will carry it with me into the future as a beautiful sense of hope. Love, Sara.”



Words from India to Inspire Love Letters


“A lot of these women have now pledged to keep their daughters away from this exploitative profession. They were afraid to send them to school, fearing humiliation and isolation by other students but now they are regaining the lost courage and are sending them to school regardless of the stigma. The income they bring home has empowered them and they have begun to participate in decision-making. They can state their personal wishes more easily now and invest in things such as their health and their daughters’ educations.”

Have you written your love letter yet? Nothing like a little inspiration.

Jaimala Gupta, Anchal’s partner in Ajmer, recently shared with us why Anchal has been a powerful conduit for change in more ways than one. Not only are many of the Anchal artisans getting out of the sex-trade, but they are also pledging to keep their daughters out of this unfortunately lucrative line of work by sending them to school. The cycle of sex-slavery can often be broken through education, but many women are afraid to send their daughters to school because they are made outcasts as a result of their mothers’ work. The fact that Anchal women find the courage to send their daughters to school means they are gaining more than just monetary support. They also grow in confidence as true artists and leaders!

Send a word of encouragement to these marvelous women today! Go to MoreLoveLetters to find out more about our project. And please hurry! Letters will be bundled for India before the end of the month!


Write a Love Letter to an Artisan


Many of you will remember a little “What We Love” post from back in February that introduced Hannah Brencher’s initiative, “The World Needs More Love Letters.” We said we’d love to get involved. She said, let’s do this!

So, ladies and gents, here’s your chance to really touch the lives of some of our Anchal ladies in India. We’re putting together a love letter bundle – which Hannah explains in the video below – that will be shipped to Ajmer in t minus 25 days!

Intimidated by the thought of writing to someone you don’t know? Take Hannah’s advice and simply:
“Pour out love, power, encouragement and compassion. Loop in personal stories. Script the love letter that only you can write to these women. Play your role as a little pencil and help us turn this world into a love letter today.”

Still not convinced? Head over to the More Love Letters blog for more information and inspiration. We promise you’ll feel supercalifragilisticexpialidocious when you finish writing!


What We Love: Lots and Lots of Love Letters!


Quick question everyone: if you were sitting on a New York City train, commuting home after a really awful day at work, and you saw someone sitting opposite you with the same expression on her face as you imagine would be on yours, what would you do?

If you would grasp that person’s hands and say “we’re in this together,” you’re one in a gazillion, my friends.

But that’s what Hannah Brencher wanted to do. She had to struggle with all her might, fighting the urge to reach out and invite the struggler to lean on her, even while she needed someone to lean on too. When she got off the train she decided to do the “socially acceptable” thing and write a letter to that person who had been sitting across from her.

Knowing she wouldn’t see the same person on the subway again, Hannah left her letter in a café. It started a movement that has grown to produce over 2,000 anonymous love letters since September 2010.

It’s called The World Needs More Love Letters. As Hannah describes it on her website: The World Needs More Love Letters is a community of “love letter writers” who write and leave letters across the map in hopes that the right people will pick them up. We leave them everywhere: books, coffee shops, coat pockets, trains. Love letter writers document the letter writing and dropping through photographs, blog posts, and social media.

Hannah’s initiative knows no bounds. Recently she started sending out Love Letter Bundle requests to people who have signed up as writers. I took Hannah up on the challenge and started replying to the specific requests – a single mom working three jobs, a girls’ volleyball team that had lost a teammate to suicide – by sending a single letter to be added to the month’s bundle. The requests are provided by friends or family members, so when the bundle arrives it is a complete surprise to the recipient, filled with encouragement and love.

What do YOU think about sending love letters to India? More specifically, to the women of Anchal, whose faces you have seen on this site and whose eyes would light up at your words of encouragement? If you are interested, please leave us a little comment below. Just one little love letter could change a woman’s life – and yours!