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“Gendercide” in India


The United Nations ranks India as the deadliest place for female children.

Gender inequality is not a new issue in India. It roots in an age-old preference for sons rather than daughters. Boys become breadwinners who in turn take care of their parents, girls on the other hand become a finical burden, requiring a large dowry.

New born girls are being battered to death, while female “fetuses are found in garbage dumps or abandoned wells.” Actions all coming for a country with a female president, Pratibha Patil.

“A study published in 2006 in the British medical journal Lancet about Indian birth rates over the past 20 years, determined the country had 10 million “missing” females. Prenatal sex determination and selective abortion accounted for 500,000 missing girls annually.”

Anchal fights to empower women working in the commercial sex industry, but we also believe in fighting for women at any age. It is important to educate those around you on topics such as gendercide in India. There are also many organizations that aim to change policies in hopes of lessing the number of women lost each year. So take a minute and continue to read about this topic, its worth 5 minutes of your time.


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