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Anchal Artisan Workshop “Tower Building”


Did you know a portion of Anchal’s proceeds is used for educational workshops, for the artisans, that provide training in leadership, women’s health, and creative healing?

Our partner Jaimala, Director of Vatsalya, led fifteen Anchal artisans in an educational workshop this past month. The workshop, called ‘Tower Building,’ focused on how expectations can affect personal performance and behavior. The goal was to investigate how an individual’s actions affect and are affected by those around them, understood through word and action on both a personal and professional level.

The workshop began with a few artisans volunteering for a simple game. The women were first blindfolded, then they were asked to construct a tower made of wood blocks with their less dominate hand. Those watching were asked to observe the volunteers respective behavior. They were asked to notice how positively or negatively the volunteers behavior impacted others and in turn how the behavior affected themselves. The game allowed for the women to see the links between their behavior and its affects on others in a basic sense. Outside and past behavior was prohibited from discussion, rather it was left for personal reflection. The workshop concluded with the encouragement to ponder how true or relevant the inferences of the simulation exercise were to their own life.

In conclusion of the workshop, Jaimala wrote, “I found women to be highly enthusiastic and observant. Initialy they did loose a few important points as they were laughing too much when the volunteers tried to build a tower with their non-dominent hand while also blind folded. Gradually, all become very focused and tried to grasp the meaning behind it all. Not much is explained to anyone, as part of the rule of the game, as the intention is to let them realize the effect of unconscious/ subconscious behaviour also. When processing began, some were smart enough to catch the meaning of it all but wanted to defend their behaviour. In the end, it was concluded that the game was not about them, it was about human behaviour. We all do similar things, however, those who wish to rise above the average, see beyond the obvious : )”

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Anchal’s program and the lives of our artisans.