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A Facebook Game that Supports Women and Girls Worldwide


Half the Sky is collaborating with Intel Corporation and Games for Change to make a Facebook game! Crazy, I know. Intel director sums it up: “technology plays a major role in improving education for girls and women to participate, prosper and lead in the global economy.”

So far, not much has been revealed about the game except the description on its Facebook page: “Play a compelling adventure game supporting women and girls worldwide. Complete quests to unlock real-world giving and donations.” Oh, and there was a recent blog post that mentions it might just become “one the most significant social games on the Facebook platform.” As it should.

In my dream game, at-risk girls all over the world are going to school and earning points – and learning how to dodge traffickers. Above all else, I hope it gets more people involved in the movement. I hope it educates us about the situations girls and women face worldwide. I hope it’s fun but doesn’t lose sight of the serious issues. What would you like to see in this game? Would you play it?

Half the Sky Movement: The Game launches on November 13, 2012 on Facebook. Like the game’s fan page.



@AnchalProject Favorites on Twitter This Week! #FF


Twitter is the way we get quick and easy bursts of information from a variety of sources across a variety of industries. A space of pure and delightful discovery of people, events, the latest news.

Since Anchal is interdisciplinary, we follow a bunch of people from extremely different areas such as women’s rights, design/art, environment, social business, fashion.

Here is a mix of some of our favorite tweets of the week from @Etsy @designsponge @AmericaFerrera @Half  @HandEyeMagazine @ireneau  @HuffPostWomen @VitalVoices!

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