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Read, Remember, Recycle


The Benefits

Did you know that your Anchal pillows, quilts, and scarves are made from recycled saris? That is because Anchal understands the importance of minimizing our environmental impact. And I can relate. I was raised in a household where recycling was a part of every day life. I didn’t even know it was an option to not recycle. Presumably, I would be arrested and left to rot in prison if I threw out a recyclable object (the same consequence would result from littering, as well). So as I grew up, shattering my sheltered views of the world, I discovered that many of my friends just threw everything into the trash. And apparently, they weren’t alone. Currently, more than 13% of people in the United States don’t recycle AT ALL. That means every cardboard box, every glass bottle, and every aluminum soup can that comes into their household, ends up in a landfill. And to make matters worse, only 50% of Americans actually recycle daily, which means the remaining 37% are only doing it when it’s convenient and quick for them. To their credit, the majority of folks who aren’t recycling just aren’t sure of what they can recycle. Hence, the Ipsos Public Affairs team put together some diagrams explaining why many recycling efforts are hindered.


* To learn more about what you can and cannot recycle, check out your local Environmental Protection Agency’s website!