Thankful for the Present, Looking to the Future


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I want pause to acknowledge the people whose efforts keep Anchal going. To our Artisans and NGO partners, we express our deepest gratitude for your hard work. To the organizations whose funds have increased our ability to help commercial sex workers escape the trade, we extend our most heartfelt thanks. To everyone that has bought a Didi Scarf, snuggled up with a pillow or a blanket, helped out with an event, signed up for our newsletter, spread the word about our activities, thank you. To the people who work to keep Anchal moving and growing every day, we celebrate your sweat and discipline. Without you, Anchal would just be an idea.

As we honor all the people who make Anchal what it is at present, we begin to look toward the future. A recent strategic planning session has gleaned a multitude of innovative ideas for Anchal. New products, new organizational strategies, and new ways to reach more Artisans are some of the topics we are thinking about. The planning session has our energy high and our momentum growing. We can’t wait to share these new things with you as we develop them.



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