10 Women Entrepreneurs Making It Happen


Today myself and my dear friend Maggie (Anchal’s Visual Communications Designer) were talking about how difficult it is to get a “real” job and transition to “real” personhood. “When am I ever going to stop doing “resume building stuff” and stop having internships?” she wondered out loud to me. The truth is, many of us recent college grads, and those who have even been out for a few years, are all in this same boat. We feel undervalued as we still settle for internships instead of jobs with 401ks and feel slighted by the fact that we can’t even afford our own apartments yet (“yes mom, I’ll be home tonight, and no, it won’t be too late”). Sound familiar, anyone?

On my long imaginary list of “Stuff I Want to Do Before I Die” is Start my own business/company (right next to “Learn guitar” and “Take a month-long trip to the Outback”). In all seriousness, starting something of my own has been an idea that’s been brewing for some time. I just feel like I need more time, experience and direction before I launch myself head-long into a serious operation. What could be more inspiring than this list of 10 entrepreneurs who are women? And, if you look, most of them are quite young! Check out Alex Von Tobel, only 28 and starting her own financial consulting group. Many of them were able to go against the tide and start operations that were largely successful in the most trying of times. I’m not making any drastic moves yet toward my Future Company, but these young ladies have got me thinking…


10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs article



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