Warning: Contains Girl Power


Whoa – watching the women’s stories unfold during Half the Sky this week brought out so many emotions in me, many of which have already been beautifully recounted by my fellow bloggers. As Nicolas Kristoff stated, opportunity is certainly not universal, and its time for a little socio-economic reflection to observe how lucky we are to be able to utilize the opportunities that modern women have at their disposal here in the United States.

Here are some numbers that we can celebrate, many of which were pulled from Hanna Rosin’s The Atlantic article, The End of Men (also heard on OnPoint Radio, October 3rd):

1) Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history

2) Today the average wife contributes some 42.2 percent of her family’s income — up sharply from the 2 percent to 6 percent that women contributed in 1970

3) When broken down by profession, the gender wage gap is significantly decreasing in in many (but not all) industries (Payscale)

4) For every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same

All fantastic news!

Now, let’s be honest – of course we still have a long way to go. Yes, inequality is still unquestionably present, and women are still being marginalized both here and all around the world. The Half the Sky movement is even brought up as a counter point to Hanna Rosin’s article by a caller if you listen to the OnPoint Radio segment, above. But I do think it’s important to observe small victories. Rosin’s article may be narrow in scope, and there are many more discussions and viewpoints to consider. However, I do think we can all agree that her article is sparking the discussions surrounding women’s issues that we want to be at the forefront.



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