Working with Sisters


They say, “never work with family.” Anchal is not only breaking this rule; we are promoting the opposite in our upcoming campaign, the Didi Connection.

In India, women affectionately call each other “didi,” meaning sister in Hindi. The Didi Connection is a global sisterhood, passionate about making a difference for women across continents and seas. Its effectiveness stems from the realization that all women are sisters and that we can work together to create positive change in each others lives. Caring for our sisters is a natural, joyful endeavor — a true Didi Connection!

I would consider myself a girl’s girl of sorts. My experience with sisterhood ranges from collaborating with my sister Maggie to sharing stories with my college sorority sisters.

Now we are building our own Anchal sisterhood here in the US and in India. Our foundation is strong with three sets of sisters working for Anchal: Maggie and I, Devon and Lauren (who are twins), and artisans Shakuntela and Mina. Talk about some didi love!

Maggie joined the team in January and has been my right hand woman ever since. She developed our incredible video and is the master behind much of our photography and graphics. Most importantly she has been there to brainstorm new ideas, be my shoulder to cry on during chaotic times, and help me keep focus. Maggie is my best friend and I do not know how I would be here today without her love and support.

As the team grows and we add other women to the team, we are expanding our sisterhood. You may not have a blood related sister but you have your fellow didis around the world. We cannot do it alone. Let us all gather together and help women around the world.

I HEART MY DIDI! #iheartmydidi #didi



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  1. What a great tribute to sisters! Colleen and Maggie are an awesome team and define the word “creative.”
    There is another generation of sisters involved in Anchal – Liz and Ann!!

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