People with sisters are happier!


I didn’t grow up with a sister. Sometimes I wonder how I might have been different. Would I have been more talkative? More envious? More empathetic?

A few weeks ago I came across this NY Times article that says people with sisters are happier and I must admit I was a bit jealous.

I am a sister – to my one and only younger brother. Lucky man. I might be his buffer against depression. Sadly, I don’t have one of my own.

But I do have two first cousins who are sisters – and it was fascinating to watch them growing up. They hated and loved each other. They borrowed each others’ clothes and sometimes never returned them. They grew in reaction to each other. If the older one dyed her hair blond, the younger one became even more of a brunette. But despite these superficial differences and reactions to each other, they listened to each other, loved each other, and were there for each other.

The article suggests that the reason people with sisters are happier is because sisters talk to you more and this increased talking time (maybe coupled with empathetic listening) somehow makes you happier.

I’m inspired by examples of sisters who take care and love each other. I’m also inspired by women who are driven by a sense of sisterhood and feel that all women are their sisters. In my experience in India, Anchal’s artisans showed me the spirit of sisterhood with their affection and desire to make me a part of their community.

Sisterhood matters! It is the theme of our new campaign “Didi Connection” we’re launching in collaboration with actress and activist America Ferrera (very soon!) to coincide with the Half the Sky premier.

Our scarves this Fall will be symbols of sisterhood with the very important mission to support our sisters out of the sex trade. I hope you will become a part of this new global sisterhood.

What is the Didi Connection?
In India, women affectionately call each other “didi” which means sister. The casual and everyday use of the word inspired “The Didi Connection,” a community that links and supports women across continents and seas. We believe that all women are sisters and that we can make a positive difference in each other’s lives. Don’t you? The first initiative of the Didi Connection is a premier collection of Didi Scarves.

Premier Collection of Didi Scarves
In collaboration with actress and activist America Ferrera, our first line of Didi products are Didi Scarves, a symbol of connection and support between sisters across seas. When you buy one of our Didi scarves, you are supporting a woman, our sister, out of the sex trade in India. Our goal is to sell 600 scarves and support 15 of our sisters in leaving the sex trade for good. We won’t be able to do it without you!



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