She’s Crossed the Line


Tanya Aguiñiga, an LA based furniture designer, grew up in two different countries: Mexico and The United States. Both of these cultures, despite their differences, heavily influenced her design point-of-view, so she decided to focus the theme of her work on the interconnectedness of these two societies. Through her art installations, community exhibitions, and furniture pieces, Tanya has managed to convey messages for social change in her work, a task that is not easy to achieve. Consequently, she has been able to bring bi-national awareness to issues that she feels passionately about; issues like pollution, migrant rights, and poverty. The following are pieces Tanya completed to transform her beliefs into three-dimensional objects.

The Half-Chair relies on a wall to properly function. The shadow it produces when light is cast upon it, completes the image of the chair making users aware of it’s full potential… Hello, symbolism.

The Hole Table asks users to consider the necessity of a solid table. Must we fill in every gap or will less material suffice?

The Embrace Lounge has a hidden, body-shaped curve in it that embraces the user. It brings to light the comfort one gets from the care and support of another.

The Non-Folding Chair is a folding chair that has been covered in felt. It no longer folds but has become soft and inviting begging the question, can functionality and comfort coexist?



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