Men fighting for Women: Walter Astrada


I take pride in being a part of this incredible blog. Nine different women coming together, writing for women, fighting for women. Our posts cover topics of women’s challenges, women activists & entrepreneurs, and incredible women designers. Recently however, my brother brought to my attention that we were missing something, men who fight for women. So, starting with this post I hope to bring light to men who share our passion in fighting for the rights of women.

Photojournalist Walter Astrada has spent much of his career focused on violence against women across the globe. Astrada’s photography topics range from “Sexual Violence in Eastern Congo” to “Femicide in Guatemala.” One of his most notable projects is “Undesired, ‘Missing’ women in India,” a documentary on the sex selective practices in India. Take a few minutes and check it out (caution: some graphic images).

Not only does Astrada address some of the most controvercial women’s issues, his photography captures more emotion than one could imagine. The photograph’s riveting beauty stays with you long after your first glance, a quality rarely perfected. Now that he has completed his six-year project, Walter plans to publish a book including his photographs from Guatemala, Congo, India, and Norway.

I believe that together women have the power to demand gender equality and get it. However men like Walter Astrada are an invaluable. It’s important to remember that gender equality should not be a fight led solely by women, but by men and women alike. Astrada “says this violence is not just a women’s issue, but an issue that affects all of society, particularly children.”


If you know of an amazing gentlemen who supports women’s rights and want to see them featured on our blog, please let us know.


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  1. “Thanks Mama, for saving me! Thanks for giving me this life.” PRICELESS. What a beautiful, beautiful video. I am overcome with emotion; I feel I have looked into the eyes of these women, so effectively has Astrada portrayed them through his photojournalism. WOW! Maggie, this is gorgeous.

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