Saying Farewell, Looking Ahead


For those of you who have been following this summer’s Anchal + Art of Yoga Project collaboration, our three-month workshop series officially wrapped up last week at Camp Kemp in San Mateo. As a check-in question we asked the ten girls involved in the project to think about an organization they might start, suggesting to them that they have the power to change people’s lives for the better, too. It was beautiful to see that realization set in as they shared ideas ranging from starting groups for teens and adults to process trauma, to helping people with cancer to starting a safe house for runaway teens with nowhere to go. At the closing circle we asked the girls to reflect on something that stood out to them throughout the workshop weeks. The comments included finally understanding what it really means to make art and how good it feels; being grateful for the exposure to India and the glimpses into the lives of Anchal’s artisans; and enjoying the creative process.


We will auction the textile collages made by the girls in San Mateo at the AcroYoga Festival October 12-14th at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.  Yogis far and wide will converge for this celebration of community, play and practice, giving us an opportunity to share our work and goals and broadcast this unique opportunity to partner with such an important local organization.

Stay tuned for our last and final Anchal/AYP update later this fall!


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