How to Renew Motivation


I have to admit that sometimes it is just hard to stay inspired and motivated to launch a grassroots start up like Anchal. I can quickly forget about the women’s struggles and inequality in India when I am not there. I get caught up in the minute details of the layout for the new website, how the each scarf is falling on the mannequin, and questioning whether or not our new tags should be white or cream. In the midst of preparing for the launch of our scarf campaign and planning the Fall’s fundraising events, I find myself losing sight of the WHY. Why did I help start this project in the first place? Why have I worked for 2+ years without any compensation? Why do women in India need my help?

I am quickly reminded and energized once I look at photographs of our artisans and their children. In addition, I like to peruse quotes from the women and Jaimala. This one in particular struck a cord with me today.

“A lot of these women have now pledged to keep their daughters away from this exploitative profession. They were afraid to send them to school, fearing humiliation and isolation by other students but now they are regaining the lost courage and are sending them to school regardless of the stigma. The income they bring home has empowered them and they have begun to participate in decision-making. They can state their personal wishes more easily now and invest in things such as their health and their daughters’ educations.”

Collaboration is the key. Not only are we working together with NGOs like Anoothi to provide alternatives to commercial sex workers, we are breaking this vicious cycle by giving their children increased potential to chose a life outside of the sex trade. What more motivation do you need?



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