Looking to Get Ahead? Tips for Working Women in Social Enterprise


Many of my latest posts have highlighted specific organizations or women who are making big impacts in the world through creative solutions. These stories are meant to be inspiring and expose readers to the array of projects out there that are headed by women. However, I recently stumbled across an article by Forbes highlighting some tips for women in the social enterprise space. It was written by Laura Calandrella, a woman who offers incubation, coaching and leadership development to women who are aspiring social entrepreneurs. So what are you waiting for? Take that seemingly crazy idea of yours and get out there and make a difference!

  • Collaborate with competitors: According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics there is one non-profit for every 200 people in the US, not including the for-profit ventures out there. Thus, competition cannot be the only thing that drives innovation. Get rid of the “hero complex” and collaborate with others to build capacity.
  • Get over the “social entrepreneur” label: Social entrepreneurs are still business people, they just have a stronger commitment to creating social outcomes than the average business. However, the label “social entrepreneur” won’t mean much to your investors or customers, so focus on the social value you bring, giving you an edge in terms of competition.
  • Hire more women for leadership positions: Strong evidence has shown that women in leadership positions engender more trust and financially outperform their male counterparts.
  • Invest in personal development: Early stage ventures often fail because they don’t focus on team or personal development and instead on market knowledge and technical skills. It’s important to create a leadership culture and invest in coaching, developing learning communities and taking the time to engage in discussions about meaningful issues in your business.

Read the Forbes article here



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