Art of Yoga Project Update


I am not an artist, but this is for a good cause. I really enjoyed it. I hope whoever sees it enjoys it, too. Hopefully this inspires you to do something.   Namaste, Sonia 

On Saturday 8/11 I had the honor of joining the Art of Yoga Project for a benefit class with the renowned and beloved yoga teacher Desiree Rumbaugh. Before the class got underway we presented part I of Anchal and AYP’s collaborative summer workshop series – two handmade fabric collages comprised of individual panels made by the girls expressing places of power and refuge. With the help of a very skilled volunteer (thank you, Marj!) we made them into wall-hangings (pictured above) which were auctioned to benefit a new Anchal artisan. We raised $300 towards that end and hope to raise another $400 with the collages currently underway with ten girls incarcerated in a facility in San Mateo.  Our goal is to raise $700 so the fifteen girls involved in this workshop series can support a young woman to become an Anchal artisan for one year. The emphasis on serving others has been an important thread in the Anchal/AYP curriculum and one the girls have been deeply inspired by. This cross-cultural connection and sisterhood is expressed in a letter from Jaimie (one of the girls at James Ranch) to the Anchal artisans:

With more than double the number of girls as well as time,  last week’s first workshop in San Mateo was off to a strong start! We talked about the artisans in India, chai, the quilting tradition here in the U.S. and the ways this work will help a young woman in need. Tomorrow will be our second session where we’ll embark on the finishing touches on the collages below (stitching, beadwork, more applique) and start on a second collage. As we went around the closing circle last week girls that were shut down said they were feeling good. Others remarked on how neat it was to work with fabric in a new way. I was moved by how each of them navigated the project so uniquely, one girl taking to ribbon, another exploring the three-dimensionality of the fabric and another working meticulously with beads. I was reminded of how we each have a creative voice that is unrepeatable and totally our own.
More to come!

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