What Do You Think About Our Advocate Program?


Over the past few years Anchal has had many amazing individuals come to us and ask “how can I help?” We are happy to announce that in only one short month we will have an incredible fun way for folks to lend a hand! With our new program, you can become an Anchal Advocate!

An Anchal Advocate is someone who cares about our work and wants to contribute to it in a fun, meaningful and impactful way. Our Advocates will become Anchal representatives in their community by raising awareness around the sex trade, forced prostitution and sex trafficking, as well as spreading Anchal’s mission.  In addition, you can  help us raise funds to support women out of the sex trade and support their children.

If you feel inspired by the work we are doing, we strongly urge you to get involved by becoming an Advocate. It’s the easiest and best way to volunteer and support our cause. When you become an Advocate, you will receive a kit with step by step instructions on how to help. Activities for an Advocate range from hosting events to sharing your passion with friends. We’ve designed this program so that you can give us as little or as much of your time and energy as you like.

Above all we want this program to be fun and exciting for you, and because we are a month away from launching this program, we wanted to get your opinion!

Take our quick and easy survey here: AWESOME SURVEY

Also, if  becoming an Advocate doesn’t seem like a fit for you, share with us ways you would like to help.



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