Ipad Sketches of Anchal’s Highlights


Maybe I was bored…or feeling happy, but I decided to get this Bamboo Wacom stylus (~$20-$30) and am having a blast.

Here are some Ipad sketches of this month’s highlights. Below each sketch, I explain the app I used.

Coming soon….Fall Scarves!

App: Air Display

It lets you make your Ipad a second monitor, which means you can essentially drag any application from your computer onto your ipad. In this case, I used Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Pros: It works like a drawing tablet, but is a lot cheaper!
Cons: No pressure sensitivity and delayed response time.

Half the Sky Press Tour

with Anchal’s Partners Urmi Basu from New Light and America Ferrera

App: Paper

It lets you make your own little virtual sketch books and offers *great* tools to sketch, outline, paint, etc.

Pros: It’s very intuitive and responsive to the stylus. Even if you’re not that artistic, what you make becomes somehow awesome.
Cons: Your tools and colors are very constrained and you can’t move objects around like you can in Illustrator. But you could arguably see these constraints as pros.

If you are creative individual OR venture (like Anchal) and have an iPad, definitely get yourself a stylus and try out these apps ASAP. Let me know if you have any others to recommend.




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