Half the Sky Press Tour with Anchal’s Partner


The Anchal team is extremely excited about the upcoming PBS Half the Sky documentary that premieres on October 1st and 2nd. Not only will it be a powerful film about women and children’s oppression around the world but it also features our partner New Light and Executive Director, Urmi Basu.

Recently, a group from the film met with the press to promote the film and to speak about their experiences. The team from the film included Meg Ryan, Diane Lane, Nicholas Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn, America Ferrea, and Urmi Basu. Our friend America shared this about her experiences at New Light.

“I walked away remembering to keep my eyes open and my heart open to the possibility that I might one day come across a certain need that I could meet and remember that a hero like Urmi changed hundreds of children’s’ lives by deciding to say yes instead of no.”

If you have not yet visited Half the Sky Movement’s website or watched the trailer, do yourself a favor and take a look now. The website truly sheds light on the experiences our artisans face daily.

Be sure to stay tuned. We will be sharing Anchal’s plans to celebrate the film’s debut very soon.



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