Never Go with Your First Idea(s)! An Anchal Team Update


We’ve been excited all week advancing the communication and visual branding of the Anchal’s Campaign in collaboration with America Ferrera.

A few weeks back, we started off with some serious brainstorming for the Campaign.

After pinning down a handful of very high-level themes, we prototyped them among our lovely customers and network, using a great little tool called verifyapp (link:, which we highly recommend!).

Prototyping is about trying things and failing, as explained by the Stanford Design School: “…you have a mountain of ideas, some of which you’d like to pursue. Prototyping allows you to fully explore all of those concepts you want to evaluate. You prototype because you need to explore your options — to try things and fail, further informing your design process. Prototyping is a way to do your due diligence on the concepts that came out of ideation. Get your hands dirty!”
source: Prototype

Brainstorming and prototyping are vital stages of the design process.

If you go with your first set of ideas (most people do), you’ll probably never give the best idea enough space to bubble up. And worst of all, you’ll be too busy listening to yourself that you’ll drown out the voices of your customers, which is simply stupid.

In a Fast Company interview about her new book on creativity Tina Seelig sums it up:

“You want to keep moving forward and going beyond the first wave of ideas and the second wave of ideas and keep pushing.”

Prototyping is a continuous process, so we’ll probably keep testing until we are sure we have something we love and you will love.

We’ve honed in on a core concept (we think, but you never know!) and we are embarking on bringing the concept to life with some visuals and imagery. We will give you a hint, it involves a special “family” bond that will change how you see women around the world.

Colleen, director and lead designer of Anchal Project, heads up the visual branding with fellow designer Maggie.

What do they use to prototype visuals? Like every great designer and artist, paper and pencil of course. Here are some sneak peeks of what we’ve been cooking up.



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