Go Green This Summer! Anchal Is.


Green is in, and I don’t mean the color. Sustainability is taking over our nation. We see it on television channels like HGTV, on websites like Pinterest, and even on the runway with “eco-friendly” clothing lines. People are becoming much more aware of the impact their choices make on the environment and this can be largely attributed to design. Now you may be wondering, ‘How can a field based purely on aesthetics have a positive affect on our environment?’ Well that is because design involves so much more than form, it primarily involves function. So for a design to be considered successful, it must have both outer and inner beauty. This inner beauty is the very reason why design has an influence on sustainability.

One significant component of a product’s inner beauty is the material used to make it. Oftentimes, we do not realize what a positive effect or, oftentimes, negative effect materiality can have on our quality of life. That is why Anchal uses materials for their designs that adhere to the following criteria:

– The Product Contains Recycled Content
Anchal products are made from recycled saris.

– The Product is Natural, Plentiful or Renewable
Our blankets are pillows are made from 100% cotton.

– The Product was Salvaged, Refurbished, or Remanufactured
The Anchal Artisans use old saris, which would otherwise go into landfills, to make beautiful, useable, new products.

– The Products is Reusable or Recyclable
Blankets and pillows will be always be needed, and when they are no longer wanted, cotton textiles can be recycled into new products.

So the next time you are snuggling up with your Anchal blanket, don’t just admire its outer beauty but remember it’s inner beauty, as well. When you purchase an Anchal product you are not just gaining a keepsake, you are becoming a part of the “Green Movement.” And if you want to continue to be a part it, here are some fun ways to stay sustainable this summer: use your old wine bottles and glass jars to create flower vases, go to your local farmers market for some fresh fruit, plant a tree in your yard, and buy an Anchal blanket or pillow!




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