Anchal at James Ranch


The Anchal-Art of Yoga Project summer workshop series is in full swing! Today is my fifth session working with 5 girls incarcerated at a low-security facility south of San Francisco.  As part of the Art of Yoga Project summer art curriculum we’re teaching narrative textile collaging with a focus on favorite places. At the start of the series I asked the girls to first write about a place that stood out to them as a place of refuge. We then used that exercise as a springboard for the weeks to come and we’re currently employing fabric gathered from thrift stores and during our trips to India (and all recycled, of course), buttons and beads to bring the images to life. S is depicting a lake she used to swim in, close to her family’s cabin. See the photo below.

M recalls facing the waves at the beach and feeling the sand in her hands and wind in her hair (middle photo). D loves thinking about a park she used to visit with her friends (last photo) and L’s favorite place is a bench outside her foster mother’s home. The collages will be made into one collective textile which will be auctioned at an Art of Yoga fundraiser next month. Money raised through the sale of this piece will go towards a scholarship for a future artisan under the age of 18 who is looking for a way out of the sex trade. The girls are all between the ages of 14 to 18, so the idea of helping a girl roughly their age on the other side of the world resonated deeply.  Once this series wraps up next week we’ll run another series at another facility in August, so stay tuned for more Anchal-Art of Yoga updates!



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