Don’t Want to See Good Ol’ Letters Go?


A few years ago, my mom opened up a shoebox of letters her father had sent her after she left her home country Argentina.

The letters were carefully placed in a laminated book; each letter was old sepia colored paper with browning spots, and my grandfather’s stunning handwriting. They looked like relics from at least a hundred years ago. But they were just from the late 80s.

“This is how we communicated” she said, laughing to herself.

I admired their beauty, and imagined my grandfather, now deceased, licking the envelop and sending it to the post office.

In a very short period of time, we’ve seen a shift from analog to digital, and with it the death of some very intimate forms of communication.

Who wants to see hand-written letters go? Deep down, I imagine nobody. They offer a unique and personal touch. We can unfold them with giddy expectation and can smooth our hands over the paper.

I was happy to stumble across an organization addressing this impending “letters crisis.”

Lettrs allows one to revive and save letters from the past so that “letters need not be lost, just re-introduced with the convenience, social energy, and global scale of digital technology.”

Lettrs lets you send digital or paper letters and read inspiring letters from others around the world.

Super cool!

A month ago, Emily did a piece on sending Love Letters for our artisans, and I didn’t get a chance to send one, but now I still can! Here’s one I started for artisan Basanti.

Want to send an important note online, but give it a personal and intimate touch? It’s not too late for you to strike a balance between the analog and the digital.

Check it out & let us know your thoughts!



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