Why You Deserve Radical Self Love


What’s better than a nice drippy ice cream to cool off in this totally ridiculous summer heat? How about feeling empathy for our Anchal artisans, who are living through 110 degree days in India right now? Without AC!

See? Don’t you feel cooler? (Instant relief that is far less caloric too!)

Anyway, back to the point. I want to share a hot and sizzling idea to grow in solidarity with our Anchal gals (that has nothing to do with tempting you with ice cream). As you all know, our Anchal artisans just completed their workshop on the Hierarchy of Needs (scroll down to Paige’s June 28th post) and we are so happy that they are growing in confidence and ability to articulate their desires. So, do you know how to do that too?

Gala Darling is a really neat blogger who has developed a program called Radical Self Love to encourage women to claim happiness for themselves, no matter their circumstances.

Don’t be tempted to yawn. This is not your typical self-help regime. Since when have you heard of “eliminating tabloids and gossip magazines” as a tool to build your own self esteem?

Other interesting ideas: create a Radical Self Love Book to refer to whenever you feel “stinky.” Write down compliments received for five years. Keep a Things I Love Thursdays list.

Watch this video from Gala herself, including the Radical Self Love Manifesto at the end. If you’re inspired, follow her blog at http://www.galadarling.com.



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