Sneak Peek Inside the Anchal Project Team


Hello there!

I am happy to be joining the team full-time this summer to co-lead our America Ferrera Campaign with Colleen Clines, founder and director.

Let’s put it this way: It’s Anchal Project’s third year and we expect it to be a breakthrough one.

This week, we focused on building team between our many incredible volunteers and strengthening communications on all fronts: newsletter, blog, and social media. We spent a great deal delving deeper into our brand voice – who would Anchal Project be if she were a person?

We decided whoever she is, she definitely goes to yoga and likes Pinterest, but above all, she is a folksy/artsy independent activist (note: not an angry one) who believes she can partner with women around the world to make it a better place.

I am more and more amazed with the opportunities that open up to get involved at Anchal Project.

What I Love About Our Team:

1. Global

The organization has two homes: U.S and India. In the U.S, we have volunteers spread across the country. I personally enjoy working remotely from my home and having the flexibility to travel to see my teammates. Devon and I are in California and Clare is in Texas. Maggie, Colleen, Emily, Brittany, and Paige are all in Kentucky. We have several others, hosting trunk shows or speaking to others about our products, throughout the country.

2. Volunteer Power

This might blow your mind: almost everyone in Anchal’s U.S team is a volunteer. I think this speaks to the power of an organization and cause to inspire others into action.

3. Women Who Care!

If you haven’t noticed, Anchal’s U.S team is mostly made up of passionate and outspoken ladies who, mind you, “give a damn” about women’s issues and great products. Though shout out to our male volunteers in the U.S, a pro-bono accountant and a volunteer law student who are helping us move forward.

In India, our partner Anoothi/Vatsalya has a focus on being powered by women, though we can’t forget our lovely tailor Dumbgar-Das who I miss very much from time to time. Awesome guy.

4. Killer Partnerships

We have two game-changing partnerships this year:

1. Dining for Woman: This is a network of literally thousands of women across the country participating in giving circles. In October, they will be hosting giving circles for Anchal Project.

2. America Ferrera: Women’s rights activist and actress is partnering with us this Fall for our new line of scarves.


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