How Do You Organize Inspiration?


We all have those special knick knacks that we like to tack up on our walls and admire. At Anchal, it is no different. We are constantly being inspired by art, crafts, food, people, and nature. Plus, with all the imagery waiting to be discovered on Pintrest, Tumbler, and our favorite blogs, the possibilities are endless. You may ask yourself, how do we keep it all organized? Anchal does have our online inspiration boards on Pintrest, but there is something still very gratifying about pinning our favorite things on an actual board!

A group of the Anchal team recently put together a mood board during a conversation about branding. We asked ourselves, what would Anchal pin? Well the answer can be seen above. It not only provides wonderful inspiration for our team but is an excellent way to allow others to understand our visual aesthetic.

We highly encourage all of you to create a board of your own. Or maybe you already do, but are looking for an updated look. Here is one DIY project we love on Design Sponge. Maya Donefeld pays homage to knick knack items with her recycled idea board with pockets. If you have a cork board lying around you’re half way there…if you can dig up a burlap sack and find some extra fabric lying around you’re on your way to a new home for your beloved objets. The best part is that old materials otherwise headed for the garbage are transformed into a useful and creative surface. Check it out the easy step by step process here.

We are curious about how you organize your inspiration. Do you have a bulletin board for your treasures? Is your Pintrest account filled with thousands of beautiful images? We are always looking for new ideas and people to follow so let us know here.



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