5 Best Ipad Apps on Human Rights


What makes a good app on human rights? One that educates us and gives us relevant images which invoke our emotions and desire to get involved.

We’ve picked out some of the top apps on ipad (some available on iphone) centered around human rights, with a few focused on women’s rights. Our last pick is a bit of an indulgence: it’s a celebration of women around the world through stories and images. As media and design play a bigger role in social impact, the effective use of imagery and storytelling will be at the forefront of moving viewers into action.

*Also, a quick final note about Apple and human rights at the bottom.


1. Human Rights Watch

This app brings you the week’s foremost human rights news from around the world as well as Human Rights Watch’s in-depth reports.

One of their top features is “Gold’s Costly Dividend,” using photography to show the human rights impacts surrounding a gold mine in Papua New Guinea that is operated and 95% owned by the world’s largest gold producer, Barrick Gold.

One customer review wrote: “No, it is not a productivity app, it’s a brilliant use of media to remind us that there are some really bad things going on out there and we shouldn’t tolerate it anymore.”

Ipad screenshot of “Gold’s Costly Dividend” – Photographs by Brent Stirton

2. Women’s rights

This app is geared towards human rights activists and law-makers (and geeky women’s rights enthusiasts!) as it includes a database of important pieces of legislation for international girl and women’s rights. All documents can be emailed from the device, for sharing, printing etc. A bit pricey (for an app) at $9.99, though well worth it.

3. UN Declaration of Human Rights

A classic: It’s basically “the complete text of the Declaration. It includes all thirty articles as envisaged by the creators who formulated the Declaration forging standards and principles – the inherent right of all mankind.”

4. Rights of Woman 

Are you geeky enough like us to be into the history of women’s rights? “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” was one of the first books published on feminism way back in 1792! Now revived for you on the ipad! Love it.

This is a picture of the author of the book Mary Wollstonecraft

5. Women of the World

“A tribute to the diversity, beauty and strength of women around the world. Presented by the World Bank and Fotopedia.”

We hope you enjoyed our picks! If you have any to recommend, please let us know below!

– Maria

*Note on Apple: Though these ipad apps we recommend are not created by Apple, the ipad is an Apple product. Just to put this into perspective (and add an ironic spin), Apple claims to prohibit human rights violations from their suppliers, however, some online press and petitions have claimed otherwise. To Apple’s credit, they have been active in launching an investigation, though concerned consumers and activists continue to apply pressure for the company to seriously buckle down on cleaning up their production chain in China before the release of the new ipad.


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