Why Do YOU Love Your Anchal Quilt?


We want to hear from you! The Anchal team loves getting positive testimonies from satisfied customers. We feel once a quilt leaves our hands to meet its new owner, soon there will be a story worth sharing.

I’ve had my Anchal quilt for over three years now. It has moved into three different homes with me and has kept me warm during late nights in studio. One of my favorite memories was when my roommate and I would decide to watch a movie, and without hesitation we would both run to our bedrooms and grab our quilts. The Anchal quilts soon became our go to movie watching quilts.

Two other Anchal supporters have shared their testimonies with us.

“My study partner! When I’m doing my homework I grab my quilt and get to work. The perfect blanket to stay focused.”

“I’ve slept with my Anchal quilt every night since I got it! I take it with me on my trips too.”

So share your story! Tell us why your Anchal quilt is special to you, just leave a comment or share on Facebook!



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  1. I absolutely love my Anchal quilts and pillows. Each one is so special and unique and whispers a story when I snuggle with them. I now find myself collecting more quilts with the sole purpose of one day giving future grandchildren a quilt from their grandmother. I am also buying quilts for all the weddings I will be attending this summer and fall. Great job ladies!!!! ejw

  2. My quilts and pillows are special friends. I can feel the love and hope the artisan has stitched into her quilt. Now I have the privilege of having these practical works of art in my home. Visitors are always interested in the “Story of the Quilts.”

    I have given both quilts and pillows as gifts. The recipients are universally touched to receive such a special hand stitched treasure.

    Thank you Anchal leadership and artisans for such unique beauty to cuddle with! Ann

    • Ann, it is our pleasure to provide you with cuddling materials 🙂 And without a doubt, it is the pleasure and above all, hard work and commitment of each of our artisans. We are happy they have made such great gifts. We might be in touch with you about that in the near future, we’d love to hear more about how people have responded to receiving our products as gifts.

  3. I’ve waited to answer this question, searching for the words to convey what my quilt means to me. It’s the last thing I touch at night, and the first thing I touch in the morning. It’s on my lap when I’m reading, writing, or watching a movie. It’s my connection to another woman’s courage, beauty, and hope.

    The words are still inadequate. Years ago I spoke with Karen Brown, Curator for the Smithsonian’s Festival of American Folklife. She told me, “The soul of the maker is shown in the object. The more attached an artist is to their work, the more I pick up that spirit and the traditions that fed it.”

    Kamala, the anchal artisan who made my quilt, must have been very attached indeed.

    • Marcella! Thank you so much for sharing this. Kamala is incredible – she is actually the funniest of all our artisans. When Maria (blog contributor and new Campaign Coordinator) went to India in January, she spent quite a bit of time just goofing around with Kamala.

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