What We Want: More Gen Y Women Leaders Who Create Social Impact


One of the most common problems facing women leaving college today is “WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE?”

This question has been burning inside several of us just leaving undergraduate or graduate school and it’s a tricky question to answer. Gen Y women have a particular set of needs and culture unlike any other generation before them.

In a Fast Company article covering a new online social network for Gen Y women called Levo league, the writer Lauren Bias sums it up well:

“Salary and title are no longer enough, because Gen Y has a completely different barometer of success and happiness. Money is not synonymous with happiness, and titles do not automatically translate to success. Bottom line: Gen Y wants to be fulfilled and make a meaningful impact; in fact, many of them want to somehow change the world, or at least the lives of those around them.”

Levo League is building a community for women in the formative years of their career path to do just that: focus their passions toward meaningful impact. The network connects women to resources and networking tools. Such services include job listings, live chats with female mentors, interesting lifestyle content and posts relevant to female students and professionals.

Anchal’s founder and director Colleen Clines definitely fits into the Levo League category: a young woman out of design school starting an organization focused on one of the toughest women’s issues, tackling it in a way that is fresh and focused on innovation in textile design.

As Anchal continues to focus on creating women leaders in India, Levo League focuses on creating more Gen Y women leaders like Colleen in the U.S/Western world, who in turn, will start and join organizations like Anchal.


It’s becoming clear that both types of leadership development are necessary pieces to this larger puzzle of advancing global women’s rights and empowerment.

Let’s keep moving together.



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