Love Letter Bundle Update


Yesterday, the Anchal team in the U.S. received the love letter bundle from “More Love Letters!” As you probably remember Anchal and More Love Letters partnered in the month of April to send the Anchal artisans words of encouragement. Over 100 letters were received!

Here is just one of the many amazing notes.

Dear Women of Anchal,

You are making beauty. With your hands, with your shared laughter and smiles, with your choices. It takes such courage and strength to choose beauty. Thank you. Thank you for making a difference, I hope that it will be encouraging to you in times of difficulty to know that your courage, beauty, and lives are an inspiration to other women across the world. I will share your story.

I have shared photos of the beautiful quilts you make with my husband. We love the colors and light of India that are in each quilt. We hope to save enough money to purchase one soon for our home. Then we can keep you and your story close in our hearts. And that is a precious thing, to be held close in another’s heart.

Your friend,

We are so incredibly grateful to the love letter community for their compassion and support toward the project. You are amazing! Also kudos to our own, Emily Turner, who started this collaboration back in February.

The letters will make their way to the hands of the artisans soon. Stay tuned for their reactions, I know we can not wait!



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