Rehabilitation Through Dance


An organization called Kolkata Sanved, founded in 2004, is dedicated to the rehabilitation of commerical sex workers and victims of abuse through the rhythm of dance.

Kolkata Sanved believes that dance “transforms young victims of sexual abuse from being a ‘rehabilitative victim’ to a ‘proactive advocate’ – someone who has made peace within her violated soul and is now ready to voice her concerns through physical movement.”

The word “Sanved” meaning “that which responds to stimulus” is the direct approach the organization takes to make a change in young women’s lives.

Some of the young women recently attended Kolkata’s Cultural Center to perform for U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Also in attendance were one of Anchal’s team members and partner Urmi Basu, Executive Director of  New Light.

The program offers rehabilitation workshops to the abused and exploited in hopes of creating a positive balance between mind, body, and spirit. 


To learn more check CNN and Kolkata Sanved 


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