Favorite Places: Anchal + The Art of Yoga Project



In less than a month we’ll launch our first 6-week narrative textiles workshop with The Art of Yoga Project. The Art of Yoga Project works with girls in the California juvenile justice system and strives to instill accountability to self, others and community through yoga and art. AYP works with girls from San Francisco to Morgan Hill and offers fall, spring and summer curricula in creative arts and yoga. The curriculum has been carefully crafted to offer a multi-dimensional approach to the girls that builds the self-awareness, empathy, self-esteem and self-respect necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices. Anchal is honored to be running the art curriculum at the San Mateo and Morgan Hill locations this summer.


Image from the Camp Kemp spring 2008 photo project, taught by artist/photographer Wendy Hopfenberg

Since an important piece of the workshop will be exposing the AYP girls to the Anchal girls and women and the ways their lives are similar we’ll start by introducing the work we do at Anchal and the artisans we serve. We’ll follow the introduction with a warm-up writing exercise where we’ll ask the girls to write about a favorite place and the wonderful, tactile senses they associate with that place. We’ll then transition first to paper mock-ups (like we do in our Textile as Narrative curriculum for the artisans) and by session three move onto fabric collages. At both locations the girls will make one they can hold on to and one to add to the collective textile we’ll assemble and auction off in August to benefit the Anchal artisans.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted once the workshops are underway and the collages are in the works!

Got extra fabric lying around? Are you a wiz on the sewing machine? If you’ve got material or skills you’d like to donate towards this exchange shoot us an email at info@anchalproject.org – we’d love to widen the community of collaborators even more, so do let us know!



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