No Mother’s Day this year! Don’t worry, there’s a good cause.


American women take a vow of silence on this Mother’s Day to underline the absence of mothers who have passed. First watch this quick video – it touched me deeply (especially the second half):


• Every 90 seconds a woman dies from pregnancy related death
• 90% of these deaths are preventable
• It is safer to give birth in Kuwait than California. The U.S currently ranks 50th in the world for maternal health.

Yup, in the richest country in the world, maternal healthcare is embarrassingly far behind.

Here are the primary reasons new mothers die:

• Severe bleeding after childbirth
• Infections
• Hypertensive disorders
• Unsafe abortion

As part of Every Mother Counts (founded by Christy Turner), women make a promise to “disappear” on Mother’s Day, which on the surface it may seem like they are refusing to celebrate the day.

But on a deeper level, rather than celebrating the day in the conventional way, through their silence they are honoring mothers everywhere, they are honoring motherhood, not just their own mother, or one mother, or being a mother.

This campaign is basically reframing this year’s Mother’s Day to be more than just about one woman, but about all women everywhere.

After some thought, I plan to participate and I have a feeling my mom will understand. Maybe she will participate too.

Find out more:
Every Mother Counts facebook page:



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