May Day, Anchal-Style

Happy May Day! Our version of the festivities might not include dancing around a glorious maypole but  it does include MOVING INTO A GLORIOUS NEW WORKSHOP SPACE. As of today the Anchal artisans in Ajmer will relocate their operations from our partner’s (Vatsalya/Anoothi) office to a venue dedicated exclusively for Anchal’s textile-making and Vatsalya/Anoothi’s HIV outreach for commercial sex workers throughout the Ajmer community. The overlap in programming means abundant opportunity for community-building and cross-pollination (something we as designers are always striving for and what also happen to be two pillars of the May Day tradition…).  As we speak the washing machine and bundle of recycled saris and brightly colored threads are making their joyful journey from outside of Jaipur to their new home in Ajmer. The artisans have expressed great excitement about the transition from working at the Vatsalya/Anoothi office to a space entirely dedicated to their creativity and well-being. The workshop is located in a quiet residential neighborhood within easy commuting distance for the artisans. To celebrate this milestone for and with the artisans our on-site team held a team building workshop for the Anchal community on Monday. 
While we anxiously await photos of our new creative haven we want to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed specifically towards this goal and for all of you who have supported us financially through purchases and other donations. Today is a big day for us and we couldn’t have gotten here without your help. 
In deepest gratitude, 

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