Have a minute to make a difference? Share your thoughts and help us grow!


We need your opinion!

As you know, when someone purchases one of Anchal’s handmade products, they are not only adding to the beauty of their home, (or someone else’s, since Anchal products make great gifts!) but they are also investing in new economic realities for women in India. Portions of each purchase contribute to the artisans’ health care program, educational workshops, and scholarship fund.

Because every product is one of a kind, you can help us today by letting us know which designs you prefer, and what kinds of things you would like to see more of in our shop.

Please take a look at the quilts (LINK: http://anchalproject.org/shop/quilts) and the pillows (LINK: http://anchalproject.org/shop/pillows) and come back here to leave us a helpful comment.

Here are some brainstorming questions (answer any or all):

–What are your favorite color combinations? For example, do you prefer the Hawa Mahal quilt’s yellow and orange scheme or the Ghaseti quilt’s mix of blue, orange, and white?

–What would your ideal quilt look like?

–Do you prefer a rectangular or square pillow?

–How would you suggest integrating one of the Anchal pillows in an American home?

Thanks for your help! We count on your comments to grow and develop, so your participation means so much.



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