What we love: Art at Our Fingertips


There are few sites and online shenanigans that I come across which leave me completely awe-struck: Google Art Project is one of them.

The Project consists of high quality, high resolution images of 30, 000 works of art from over 40 countries, all in one virtual space. Leave it to Google to forge 151 art partners (top museums) from around the world and then have the technology to build this out.

Maybe you are an art lover but can’t afford (money, time, and/or energy) to go to every museum across the world to dive deep into the world that you love.

The Project lets you browse art pieces through: the artist’s name, the artwork, the type of art, the collection, the country, city, etc. Explore new art, from a certain period, or other pieces from a given/similar artist. You can also see it within the online gallery, or in museum view where it takes you to the museum to roam (zoom & pan etc.).

This is my favorite part:  make your own private and public art galleries and exhibitions! You have essentially become a bit of a pseudo art curator yourself.

There is some ramp up in terms of getting accustomed to some of the way it works in the beginning but you soon get used to it. Overall, I was amazed at the online experience. It’s just stunning.

For more online projects doing similar things, check out this compiled list.




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