Words from India to Inspire Love Letters


“A lot of these women have now pledged to keep their daughters away from this exploitative profession. They were afraid to send them to school, fearing humiliation and isolation by other students but now they are regaining the lost courage and are sending them to school regardless of the stigma. The income they bring home has empowered them and they have begun to participate in decision-making. They can state their personal wishes more easily now and invest in things such as their health and their daughters’ educations.”

Have you written your love letter yet? Nothing like a little inspiration.

Jaimala Gupta, Anchal’s partner in Ajmer, recently shared with us why Anchal has been a powerful conduit for change in more ways than one. Not only are many of the Anchal artisans getting out of the sex-trade, but they are also pledging to keep their daughters out of this unfortunately lucrative line of work by sending them to school. The cycle of sex-slavery can often be broken through education, but many women are afraid to send their daughters to school because they are made outcasts as a result of their mothers’ work. The fact that Anchal women find the courage to send their daughters to school means they are gaining more than just monetary support. They also grow in confidence as true artists and leaders!

Send a word of encouragement to these marvelous women today! Go to MoreLoveLetters to find out more about our project. And please hurry! Letters will be bundled for India before the end of the month!



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