What Inspires Us: Holistic Stress-Management



When I was interviewing Anchal’s artisans, I noticed that several of them had issues with stress, revolving their children, husbands, work, and overall economic conditions.

As part of the continued Anchal programming, we plan to develop a stress and emotional management curriculum for artisans. This program will include breathing techniques, meditation, and physical exercise in the form of yogic postures.

On a first level, these practices help remove stress – which in turn can elevate one’s quality of life by regulating the nervous system and bringing clarity to perception. (In my last post I talked about the ability to remove lenses and become aware of our own perceptions, this is a practice that I have been able to do thanks to my own breathing and meditation practice).

I also find the potential of such practices to restore self-esteem and sense of self-worth, through a fundamental reconnection with the self.

Offering holistic emotion and stress-management courses is part of Anchal’s mission to empower our artisans. Offering economic alternatives to sex work is only one facet of the work that Anchal strives to accomplish.

I truly believe that offering such courses will round out the artisan’s experience in our program, and help bring them to their full potential.

Sex work can be challenging on several levels; social, cultural, economic, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I am happy to be volunteering with an organization that aims to address all levels with a holistic approach.



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