What We Love: Yarn Bombing


First things first – you’re probably wondering, what the heck is Yarn Bombing? No, it’s not violent act with a ball of yarn or an awkward new dance move. It’s actually a form of street art – think *Banksy with less spray paint. Yarn bombing (or yarnstorming, pick your poison) is a type of graffiti, but with yarn instead of paint. Yarn bombers pick a public landmark like a tree, stop sign, or park bench and crochet or knit around it – leaving a really cool work of art behind. Yarnbombing is less permanent and destructive than graffiti, but just as colorful!

Although **Yarn Bombing started in the Netherlands in 2004, the movement really took off in Texas. In 2005, Texas knitters used their unfinished and leftover knitting projects to create these cool installations around their cities. Now it’s an international art form. Knit the City is the first graffiti knitting collective, started by London native Lauren O’Farrell. Lauren, whose yarn bombing alias is “The Deadly Knitshade” (SO. COOL.), and Knit the City’s “Web of Woe” museum installation has also created momentum in the yarn bombing movement. The first International Yarn Bombing Day was observed this past June.

With a combination of our favorite things – design, textile and making people smile – we’ll definitely be celebrating this holiday next year. Check out these cool pictures below and another Yarn Bombing artist ***here.


Photos: http://www.streetartutopia.com/?p=3554
*** http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/99-yarn-bombed-trees-by-knitta-142211


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