What We Love: National Quilting Day Recap


Louisville’s Quilters Day Out proved to be a huge success! Not only were we able to meet talented local artists, we received fantastic feedback about Anchal’s work. I have to admit that we were quite nervous to see how the Anchal quilts would compare to the traditional Kentucky quilts. We are excited to report that they were well received. Many women were surprised at how soft the quilts were, due to the recycled saris, and how they were stitched together without a middle layer of batting. They were amazed to hear each quilt was hand made and praised the talent of the artisans. It was encouraging to get such positive feedback from women with years of experience.

Anchal would like to thank Liz Clines and Dr. Ann Kleine-Kracht for helping out at the Louisville’s Quilter’s Day Out. Thanks to our amazing Anchal team and all those who came to the event, we had a very successful show!

Being a part of National Quilting Day reminded us how much we love the incredible work of American quilters. We enjoy learning from their work and hearing their personal stories. Two wonderful documentaries that we love are, “Why Quilts Matter: History, Art, & Politics” and “The Skin Quilt Project.” Both documentaries share inspiring stories of unique quilting guilds. They share personal accounts of camaraderie and self-empowerment that comes from quilting guilds. Anchal also believes in the potential of quilting and its ability to bring women together.



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