Share to win an Anchal pillow


As Clare mentioned a few days ago in her post about raising your voice, big movements begin with people like you. Y-O-U, you. And since we know you’re eager to help, today we’re making it even easier to do just that by giving you something tangible to help spread the word. Take a minute to go over to our facebook page  and share the post called “Share Anchal Project!” By doing this, you’ll not only be raising your (digital) voice for a good cause, but you’ll also be entered to win a fabulous Kantha pillow!

Every share makes a huge difference. Take, for example, the recent research from Edgerank Checker. They say each person who shares something reaches about 34 friends. That means that if every one of our friends shares the Anchal graphic today, we’ll reach over 10,000 people!

I’ll repeat one more thing Clare mentioned. Getting the word out about Anchal and our cause translates to more quilts bought, more donors, and in the end, more women helped.

Thanks in advance for your help today. We really appreciate it!



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