“Building for Social Change”


I believe that Anchal is a part of a growing movement, a movement that is passionate about creating social change through design.

Design fields, such as architecture, are taking a critical look at their daily practice and asking how their work is benefiting the public. Designers are making commitments to design spaces that create positive change for the 99%. Good design should not be for only a select few, but enjoyed by all.

Shiroles Rural School - Costa Rica

Architectural Record’s latest publication, “Building for Social Change,” is dedicated to architectural practices and projects from the growing field of public interest design. The issue brings the reader a sampling of projects, programs, and people who are building for social change in the United States, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, and Japan. In addition, you can find The Good List: Resources for Humanitarian Design which profiles 30 non-profit design firms and organizations.

Lions Park Playscape - Greensboro, Alabama

The editor,Cathleen McGuigan, states in Architecture for Everyone that “Humanitarian design, often funded by grants, is on the rise, providing work and a sense of purpose for a growing legion of (mostly young) practitioners.”

Though these concept are not new, we should only expect an increase in better design for the public good–in the form of buildings, environments, services and systems.



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