What Inspires Us: Maps


As a landscape architect, I have spent long hours staring and obsessing over maps. I continue to be inspired by the unlimited information found in any given map. No singular map can portray all the information that exists in a particular area, making every one subjective. When looking at a map we are presented by an ongoing series that highlights chosen relationships between elements of that space such as objects, regions, and themes.

Beyond the rich data that is depicted in a map, I am particularly intrigued by the colors and patterns that emerge. The imagery found below is just a fraction of maps that I have collected over the years, from traditional cartography to contemporary experiential sketches. To be honest it is quite an obsession. Where my obsession with maps begins to relate to my work with Anchal is through the narrative line. Mapping can be very personal, but it should be understood by a larger audience. I am excited to see the artisans begin to incorporate mapping of Ajmer and their communities into textile form. Can you imagine the rich patterns combining with the vibrant sari material to create absolutely stunning and unique quilts?

What visual imagery inspires you? Photography? Typography? Graphics on Cereal Boxes? Sculpture? Share these images with us here or on Facebook through a link. The first 20 people will be entered into a drawing for our brand new kantha pouch!

Stay inspired!


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