Anchal Update: Artisan Promotions


Anchal is pleased to announce the promotion of four of our amazing artisans! These incredible women have been involved with Anchal from the start, roughly a year and a half now. They are each wonderful women dedicated to the success of this project, and confident in creating a bright new future for themselves.

Over the next few months the women will be trained to become the new project managers and tailors. We are extremely proud of the these women and their courage to accept leadership positions. Seeing these artisans take ownership of the project is what Anchal has always hoped for. This not only means that the project is taking root, but that the women believe in its future! These four women have become extraordinary role models for the other artisans and most importantly for their children!

So, thank you readers and Anchal supporters because without you these women wouldn’t have this opportunity.

P.S. We just received a shipment of 56 new quilts! Get excited, because they are some of the most beautiful quilts we’ve seen, all thanks to the amazing artisans of course. I already have my favorite picked out and I cant wait to see whose home it goes to ; )



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