Blog Breathes New Air


With Spring around the corner, the Anchal team felt inspired to breathe some fresh air into the blog. I was pleasantly reminded, while reading Maria’s recent post from India, why we started the blog two years ago. We wanted to share stories about India’s rich culture, the inspiring local artistry, smiling faces of accomplishment, the struggles of starting a non-profit and how design can become the vehicle for social change.

In light of our rediscovered passion for sharing stories, we will be featuring daily posts that not only provide you with the latest Anchal updates, but will also describe what inspires our organization. For example, we will cover topics such as the process of making a quilt, an artisan’s journey to freedom, what we love about India, and trends in social innovation.

We are also thrilled to share the blog stage with a brilliant group of contributors to help us tell Anchal’s story. I will introduce them to you here through a photograph that they captured of their home. Similar to Anchal’s narrative textile line, each image represents a small piece of where they live and what they treasure about their community. You can also read their full biographies on our contributors page.

Maggie Clines – Lexington, Kentucky

Emily Turner – a view from her apartment in Dijon, France

Maria Molfino – a place of meditation on Stanford University’s campus

Most importantly this new breath of fresh air is about our faithful supporters. We want to answer your questions and provide you with enjoyable posts. Are we headed in the right direction? Tell us what YOU want to see, here!

– Colleen


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