Anchal Goes Back to Our High School Roots


Last week we spent time with the junior class at Sacred Heart Academy – an all-girls high school in Louisville, KY and co-founder Colleen Clines’ alma mater.  We were honored to be given the chance to spread awareness surrounding the issues of the global sex trade, especially to young women roughly the same age as many of the young sex workers in India and throughout the world.  Over the course of two days we facilitated conversations with social justice classes regarding the global sex trade epidemic and shared how Anchal is creating alternatives.

The harsh realities of the sex trade were shared through true stories of commercial sex workers around the world.  Common themes discovered by the students were gender inequality, physical and mental abuse, poverty and lack of educational opportunities. Learning that human sex trafficking is a problem in the developing world as well as places like Louisville, Kentucky was sobering news for many of the students.

Sharing how design can be used as a vehicle for social change, creative expression and personal transformation was a recurrent theme throughout our visit and one of our favorite things to talk about.  We wrapped up the discussions with how young women can make a difference in the world and how the girls of Sacred Heart can harness their passions to change the world.

During our discussion lots of students asked great questions.  Here is one of the exchanges:

Q: If the sex trade is such a global issue, why do you only work in India?

A: Anchal believes that there is such an apparent need in India for solutions.  There are close to 3 million commercial sex workers in India which is estimated to be closer to 20 million by the leaders of NGOs.  Anchal’s longer term goals include expanding our network to other countries, thereby increasing our social impact and creating a global community of support.

On behalf of the entire Anchal team we want to express our admiration and thanks to the juniors at Sacred Heart. We were truly inspired by your energy and eagerness to help Anchal and look forward to our future collaboration. Go Valkeries!


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  1. I love that you guys have connected American girls with issues that affect girls around the same age on the other side of the world. This is so important in cultivating empathy, which is at the core of the design process. I am sure this experience really stuck with some of them and will shape their future academic and career choices. I know that being awakened to social injustices that surround women has been vital to my development as a woman. It will be powerful for you guys to follow-up with these girls in the near/distant future, and maybe engage them as interns or volunteers.

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