Why Quilts Matter


Every quilt is a work of art. Quilts combine elements of craftsmanship, design, history, and culture, and often tell the story of the artisan who creates it. Check out this cool 9 part mini-series from our friends at PBS called “Why Quilts Matter”. Each episode covers the importance and role of quilts in politics, history and the crafts movement while delighting the viewer with their stunning aesthetic beauty. Most importantly though, it shows how women have gained power through their handiwork. Episode 7, in particular, tackles how quilts served as a vehicle for women to both express their social and political opinions at a time when there were few channels to do this, and provide for themselves financially. While the times have changed in the United States, the theme of economic and creative empowerment through quilt making is timeless and forms the foundation of what we do at Anchal.

Episode 1: Quilts 101 – Antique and Contemporary Quilts Episode

Episode 2: Quilts Bring History Alive Episode

Episode 3: The Quilt Marketplace Episode

Episode 4: What is Art?

Episode 5: Gee’s Bend: “The Most Famous Quilts in America?”

Episode 6: How Quilts have been Viewed and Collected Episode

Episode 7: Empowering Women One Quilt at a Time

Episode 8: Quilt Nation – 20,000,000 and counting

Episode 9: Quilt Scholarship: Romance and Reality


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