Real Suffering, Real Change


We just heard from the artisans in Ajmer regarding how Anchal is changing their lives. We’ve included some of their words below, as well as a New York Times video about the treatment of young girls trafficked into Cambodia’s sex trade. New York Times Video: Face of Slavery  Seeing this footage and reading these words remind us of the real suffering experienced by women and children involved in the world of prostitution…and the real change Anchal makes possible. When you shop at Anchal and make a donation, you alleviate this suffering and bring about real change.

‘Working as a prostitute is the most humiliating and exploitative profession in the world. I died every day when I had to sustain that way. Now, with this raliya making, I feel a new respect for myself.’

-Anchal artisan, Ajmer

‘Whatever I could not enjoy as a child, I ensure that my daughter gets. She will also get the best education possible. I used to worry a lot as to how I will do it but now I have courage and money. I will work more and earn more money and make her a doctor.’

-Anchal artisan, Ajmer

‘Anchal has given us a new hope but we need more work. We are prepared to work hard.’

-Anchal artisan, Ajmer


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